Friday, March 14, 2014

Science Fact or Cinematic Fiction?

Term Paper outline: Science Fact or Cinematic Fiction?

Outline for Research Paper


Most movies involving super human power, explosions on Earth, and out of space.This is not true in the real world

At least three movies break this physical law.
Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon (1998)
- Van Helsing (2004)
- The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Paragraph 1 The Physics in Transformer 3
 - Short synopsis of the film
- There is no oxygen in space.
- Therefor, oxygen would not be able to expand because there no oxygen, there for no fire, no explosions
Paragraph 2 The Physics in Van Helsing
-       Short synopsis of the film
-       No human can be transform into a wolf or vampire
-       The structure of the body would be different if people would be able to fly.
-       Strong punch and jumping high plus falling hard on the ground would kill a human in reality.
Paragraph 3 The Physics in The incredible Hulk
-       Short synopsis of the film
-       Transform in Green and have superb power
-       Jump miles away just from one jump
-       Destroy wall like piece of peper

-       Summary of the Physics in the three movies
-       Restate thesis

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